How to Choose the Correct Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

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How to Choose the Correct Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

When choosing your eyeglass frame you should put the following factors into consideration:

The eyeglass frame you choose should complement your natural feature such as blue frame for blue eyes.

The frame shape should be in line with the shape of your face.

The frame size should be in line with your face size.

Also because most faces are made of a combination of angles and shapes, you should consider these seven elementary face shapes when choosing your eyeglass frame : round oblong, oval, base-up triangle, base-down triangle, square and diamond.





Round Face

A round face has no angles but just curved lines with width and length in the same proportions. The goal here can be to try and make the face appear thinner and longer which can be achieved by using angular and narrow eyeglass frames such as therectangular frames . The frames should significantly wide and less deep.

Oval Face

An oval face has balanced proportions and thereby often considered as the ideal face shape. When choosing eyeglass frame, you should strive to maintain the face’s natural balance. Frames that are of the same width with the broadest face part will be a perfect choice. Preferably the frame should be walnut-shaped and neither too wide nor too narrow.

Oblong face

The length of an oblong face outdoes its width with long and straight cheek line and often complemented by a long nose. When choosing an eyeglass frame for this face, the goal is to make the face look shorter and more balanced. Frames with more depth than the width and a low bridge to shorten the nose will work fine.

Base-down Triangle Face

This particular face comprises of a narrow forehead with wide cheek and chin areas. You should therefore choose a frame that will add width and accentuate the the upper third of the face that is narrow. Cat-eye frame shape and those with color and detailing at the top half will be the perfect choice.

Base-up Triangle Face

This face is wide at the top and t hin at the cheek and chin areas. The goal here is to minimize the broadness of the top third of the face and can be achieved by choosing frames with wider bottoms, light in color and preferably with rimless frame style.

Diamond Face

Diamond faces have narrow eye line and jaw line but the cheekbones can be high and dramatic. This face shape is considered to be the rarest. The frame chosen should be able to acme the eyes and also moderate the cheekbones. Frames with distinctive brow line, rimless frames, oval frame and even cat-eye frame will do the job for you.

Square Face

This face has a broad forehead and a strong jawline with length and width at the same proportions . The goal is to make the face appear longer and to moderate the angles. You should try choosing narrow frame styles whose width outdo their depth such as narrow ovals.



The three key factors to consider when choosing eyeglass frames based on color are:

The fact that all people naturally have eitherwarm(yellow-based) or cool(blue-based) coloring.

Every individual will look best in the appropriate color base.

The frame color should complement personal coloring.

When determining the best color palette for your frame, the main factors to consider are colors of the hair, eyes and skin.

Skin Color

The color of your skin is the basis of determining your coloring. All skin colors will fall under either warm (blue) or cool (yellow) color bases.

When you have a cool complexion, there are pink or blue undertones whereas warm complexion has cream or yellow cast. A mixture of blue and yellow brings forth an olive skin which is considered cool.


When you consider the above facts when choosing your eyeglass frame, you will have a perfect frame that will complement your face and which will make you comfortable and presentable. Remember the key factor is knowing yourself which translates to knowing the shape of your face and your color base.