3 Steps to Protect Your Eyes From Computer Eye Strain

You don’t have to have ‘square eyes’ to know that screens have changed the way we view the world. But are they also changing the way we see? Whether it be a computer, television or phone screen, we are focused on a screen of some sort for several hours in a day.

According to AllAboutVision.com (Computers, n.d.), 11-18 year olds spend more than 7 hours a day devouring electronic media. Nowadays computer related ‘eye-strain’ is the number one complaint ahead of back pain or carpal tunnel (Computers, n.d.).

Not surprisingly, without vision correction, work productivity can decrease by as much as twenty percent! Here’s some tips to help prevent future eyesight or productivity problems.

Tip 1:Introduce the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away.

Tip 2: Blink regularly and intentionally. Looking at a screen can cause you to blink less and blinking naturally lubricates the eyes preventing ‘dry-eyes’.

Tip 3: Position your screen safely in relation to your eyes (approximately 18-30 inches from you). The top of the screen should be in line with your eye level and tilt the screen slightly back to avoid glare(Cashin-Garbutt, n.d.).